4 Best Cloud Hosting Providers list


Cloud Hosting is getting much popular nowadays. This is the latest technology of hosting service which provides a lot of convenience to the users. Cloud Hosting servers provide clusters of several small segments of server storage which provides a lot of advantage upon the dedicated server which provides only single server storage.

4 Best Cloud Hosting Providers list

Due to a lot of advantages of cloud hosting providers, there is a craze among the people for this server. So many international and reputed companies deals upon the cloud hosting servers. In this article, we will discuss best cloud hosting providers along with their brief review.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

With proper research and user experience of various hosting providers, we will list today the best cloud hosting providers. We will give a short review of each company with their price difference and service so that you can choose easily the best provider.

As we will discuss the best providers, so each one will be best. You have to only choose the one that meets your demand. So below is the list of best cloud hosting providers.

1) Amazon Web Services:

Amazon Web Services or popularly called AWS has made a revolutionary growth in the year 2019 and has become the best cloud hosting provider.

As we all know that Amazon has made the number 1 position in e-commerce in the whole world, Amazon is also among the companies that had introduced Cloud server hosting first.

In this way, Amazon has become fast mover along with the first mover. Their marketing strategy of giving 1-year free service has made it possible to attract most of the client. Apart from this, Amazon Web Services also provide the maximum accessibility to the users compared to other companies.

They give much more control over their servers to the user than any other cloud hosting providers. From the Database management system to storage flexibility up to Database and networking, a user can get all the facility from the Amazon Web Services.

One of the best parts of Amazon Web Services is that it provides pricing flexibility. Here a user can decide his or her own costing regarding the type of services. This price flexibility gives user independence to maintain their budget.

They provide one of the best servers. Apart from the servers, server management control, and pricing flexibility, Amazon also provides the best services with a very supportive technical team.

They support not only live chat but also with email and phone. For the user convenience, they had made video series which provides a lot of information and knowledge regarding their services and servers. So that the users can learn to solve the issues on their own.

2) Digitalocean:

After Amazon Web Services the one company that has made a very large name in this cloud hosting server industry is the digital ocean. The main secret of growing with such a speed of this company is the best and user-friendly services along with a very affordable and reliable price range.

They also provide the best type of servers, and like Amazon Web Services they also provide best after-sales services. The best services had made up the company to grow over 6 lakh user base. They have a total of 8 centers all over the world. which includes India, US, Canada, Singapore, UK, Netherlands, and Germany.

Along with the cloud hosting server, they also provide lots of other services. They offer reliable price ranged packages. They can provide good servers because they basically use Solid State Drive or SSD servers.

Digitalocean can be the best option for any user, finding for the best server with a very reasonable price. And also due to the best services of the company, user review regarding their company is at an optimum level. As price here starts only with 5 US Dollars per month.

3) Cloudways:

4 Best Cloud Hosting Providers list

Cloudways is also a very popular company among the cloud hosting provider company. But it is somewhat different from other companies. They provide a little different product. With a very affordable price, they provide WordPress managed cloud server hosting.

They give an amazing feature of cloud servers, that makes the site faster, flexible and secured. This helps to scale up the site of the user to a great extent. The main advantages of users from Cloudways are that they provide an extreme level of security as they don't give much access to the user and are completely managed by them.

Their cloud-based technology is a little different from the others, They don't use multiple servers, instead, they host the site on a single server and create multiple copies out of it which later replicate to create the cluster. In this way, they can provide the best level of services.

If we look around for the best WordPress managed cloud hosting server, then Cloudways is the best option. The best feature of their service is auto-healing. This prevents the site from the risk of crashing. And also it provides a lot of packages which can be selected according to the need of the user.

They also migrate the site of their clients with full responsibility. And it also has one of the best reviews by their clients. So if any user needs a managed WordPress cloud hosting server then they can go for the Cloudways. It also has a very good support team.

4) Bluehost

Bluehost has a very popular name in the field of hosting service providers. Blue host is famous for its reliable and affordable price with best services. The most popular service of Bluehost is shared hosting. But in recent years it has given a huge competition in the field of cloud server hosting.

They have a resource monitoring feature which helps a lot to the user which enables the user to know about the resource and optimize their website properly. The most basic plan of the provider starts at 3.95 US Dollars per month.

And if we tell about the services, they have a very good reputation in the field and have a very expert and supportive technical team.


Here we had provided all the necessary information about some of the best cloud hosting providers. As we said earlier that all are the best, with best servers and services. Now you can choose the provider that gives all the suitable services.

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